Dear PM or PMO staff

Banning Indians from holding Crypto Currencies will tantamount to Crime Against Humanity if successfully done. The leadership resides with PMO and sitting PM. He is doing great damage to the population if they are not allowed to buy and hold crypto currencies/assets

Here are a…

Short Answer: Grandma and Adventurous-Drunk-Gambler Uncle

Long Answer:

1. You can never know everything. Even if I told you everything, you cannot process everything.

2. So stop trying to know everything. Know few things. Know them well.

3. Follow your curiosity. I once read the whole Wikipedia page on “Bricks”…

Random “Apple Alphabate” Google Result on a Mac

Yes, not just some money, but ample one at that.
While Street estimates are around $3 Billion to $9 Billion a year being given by Alphabet Inc to Apple, just for keeping Google as default service in its system, the real money is not the direct cash Apple gets from…

Fashion is a cozy warm feeling.

Think of fashion like a fire of emotion in middle of cold night of logic and “Do the Right Thing”.
We do not wear cloths just because we want to be warm or save our skin. We wear it because we feel like it.

Peter Thiel, The Billionaire investor in Facebook and Co-founder of PayPal, Asks the pertinent question to everyone: “What important truth do very few people agree with you?”

What he is trying to gauge with this question is your ability to see beyond the dimensions.
“The Next Mark Zuckerberg would…

Like thousands of students before me, on this Historical Day (Ok! Personally Historical Day), I stood in front of my MBA College.

You have no idea how much ego I have. With full vanity I took a glance at the board where the name of my college is written.

Why develop these talents in this fundamentally changed world

Dheeraj Dadhich

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